DBO White Label+

The only thing needed is imagination

DBO White Label Plus+ allows you to bypass the research & development time and expense required to produce new products.

Simple + Unique

This modern skin care collection allows you to personalize our base formulas with actives, botanical extracts, oils, and fragrances to meet the wants and needs of your customers.

In a few simple steps you can make products that are truly your own.

The Quickest Way To Launch A Product

DBO White Label+

DBO White Label+

We offer a selection of plain white packaging, or you can bring your own

DBO White Label+ base formulas are completely customizable, so the final product is uniquely yours.

We have selected to follow the guidelines of Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database (EWG) to evaluate the ingredients that go into these products. This system can be used to help you market your skin care line to discerning clients.

DBO White Label Plus+ formulas have a ranking of 1-4 on the EWG scale, with some substitutions available to make our already great scores even better.

To get you to market quickly, we offer basic white packaging in a number of sizes suitable for labeling, or you can supply your own packaging (we will need to review your packaging for compatibility before we can fill it).

White Label+ Product Formulas

  • Moisturizers

    Balms | Day Creams | Facial Oils | Lotions | Night Creams | Serums | Toners | Neck Creams

  • Cleansers

    Balms | Bars | Cream Cleansers | Exfoliators | Gel Cleansers | Makeup Removers | Micellar Waters

  • Treatments

    Acne | Anti-Aging | Dry Skin | Hyperpigmentation | Eye Lash | Oily Skin | Retinol

  • Masks

    AHA/BHA | Balm | Hydrating | Moisturizing | Night

  • Eye Care

    Brightening | Caffeine | Peptide 

  • Lip Balms + Treatments

    Balms | Exfoliators | Masks

  • Sun Protection

    Zinc Balm | Zinc Cream | Zinc Fluid | Zinc Lotion

  • Body Care

    Bath Foam | Creams | Deodorants | Exfoliators | Foot AHA Care |  KP Products | Lotions | Oils | Serums

  • Hair Care

    Anti-Frizz | Conditioner | Curl Cream | Hair Gel | Hair Mask | Pomade | Scalp Serum | Shampoo | Volumizer

How does it work?

The process is simple:

DBO White Label+ Formula
+ Ingredients of Your Choice
= Your Custom Formula

We prepare a new formula based on your choices, you select the size of your finished product and batch size to arrive at your final price.

  • 1. Meet With Our Team

    We will meet to discuss your product, and give guidance where appropriate.

    Our chemists understand efficacy levels of active ingredients, possible interactions amongst ingredients, and most importantly, the pH of different areas of the body.

  • 2. Choose Your Product

    Start by letting us know what type of product you are looking for.

    We are always adding to our list of more than 400 product formulas.

  • 3. Customize it!

    Many à la carte optional items are available from our ingredient library. If we don’t have the one you’re looking for we can assist you in purchasing your own:

    • Actives
    • Botanical Extracts
    • Oils
    • Fragrances
  • 4. Pre-Production Sample

    Using your newly created formula we produce a sample to ensure the product will be exactly the way you want.

    Once you are ready to sign-off on it, we are ready to move to the next step.

    Fee Applies
  • 5. Select Your Batch Size

    Products can be manufactured in a range of batch sizes and filled in almost any size of container.

    Depending on the type of product, batch tank sizes range from 8 L up to 500 L.

We will guide you through the process, and answer any questions you have along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Purchase The Formula?

Yes. Although you can continue to manufacture your custom product with us for no additional expense, if you choose to manufacture elsewhere you can purchase your formula and protocols.

I Want A Fragrance You Don’t Stock. Where Can I Get One?

We have an excellent relationship with a fragrance house based in Toronto, which we highly recommend. They have a vast library of fragrances to choose from, or they can make a custom one just for you.

What do I do when I want a signature ingredient?

We understand that ingredients tell a story, and you want your story to be unique. When you want an ingredient which we don’t have in our library, we can see if our network of suppliers carries it. If you are wanting to supply it from a vendor we are not familiar with, we just require that it comes with a certificate of analysis.

How Long Does It Take?

Compare with traditional custom formulation, this process goes very fast.

If you’re ready to go with any custom ingredients and fragrance, we can usually have a pre-production sample made in about a week. If you don’t require any modifications requiring a new sample and are ready to sign-off on the formula, we are ready to manufacture.

All it takes at this point is verifying packaging compatibility, ensuring ample ingredients for your particular job and getting you into the manufacturing queue. Wait times to manufacture can be anywhere from 2-6 weeks (subject to change).

Dean Richard Johansson
As a chemist that understands skin, my team and I look forward to helping you develop amazing products.

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