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Complete solutions for skincare and haircare formulation, contract manufacturing, laboratory and consulting services – since 1987.


Years of Formulating Experience


DBO White Label+ Formulas


Unlimited Customization

Manufacturing + Formulation

Contract Manufacturing

If you have a formula we designed or one you brought with you, we would love to manufacture it for you.

Custom Formulation
Tell us what you want. We can create a new formula from scratch or emulate one you love, all the while making it your own.
DBO White Label+
We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3. Choose a base formula, actives and extracts and you’re ready to approve it for production.

Your Ideas + Our Expertise

Skincare + Haircare

We’ve got you covered

We know which ingredients work best together to help your product achieve maximum effectiveness.

We understand skin structure and pH. This gives us deep knowledge of the subtle and dramatic differences throughout different parts of the body.


you can Trust it

We know as much about science as we do about skin and hair. This will give you confidence that your product will be the best it can be.

Our chemists will give you the option to have your products based on what is more important to you:

  • science
  • performance
  • cost
  • ingredient list


Avoid the confusion

We can help you navigate the industry, and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, as well as provide information on Health Canada.

For more complex and regulatory issues, we can put you in touch with trusted industry consultants.


Choose this, not that

This industry is always looking for something fresh, or a new way to present something that’s been around awhile.

We keep up-to-date on market trends, and new ingredients so you can have confidence you’re on the right path.

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to launch something new?

Complete this simple form so we can discuss the scope of your product formula and manufacturing needs.

Then we will set up our first meeting, where we will determine how best to approach your project.

Cosmetics Formulation +
Contract Manufacturing

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