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We have been manufacturing cosmetics since 1987, and follow Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined by Health Canada and ISO Standard 22716.


We manufacture in stainless-steel tanks ranging in size from 30-500L offering you unparalleled flexibility as your grow your business.

Our Process


    Formulas and protocols tell us what to make and how to make it.


    We can estimate costs per unit based on batch and fill sizes. After we have reviewed your packaging and filling requirements we can provide an accurate quotation.


    Although we have a very extensive cosmetics ingredient library which will cover most of your needs, be prepared to supply fragrances and specialized ingredients.

  • 4. Pre-Production Sample

    Using your formula and protocols we produce a sample to ensure the product will be be produced to the correct specifications.

    Once you are ready to sign-off on it, we are ready to move to the next step.

    fees may apply
  • 5. QA Testing

    When you bring us a formula, we have to test it before we can manufacture it. Once it passes these tests, we will be comfortable insuring the finished product against manufacturing defects.

    Testing includes:

    • packaging compatibility
    • 40-day stability challenge
    • 6-day freeze-thaw
    • 24 and 48-hour bacteria, yeast + mould
    fees may apply
  • 6. Registration

    As the manufacturer, we will register your product with Health Canada

    fees may apply

Manufacturing Practices

All products manufactured by DBO Labs meet and exceed strict standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as outlined by Health Canada and its partners in the International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation (United States, European Union and Japan), endorse the use of the  International Standards Organization (ISO) Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, ISO Standard 22716

Good Manufacturing Practice
ISO Standard 22716

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my formula. What is a protocol?

A protocol is like a recipe. On its own, a list of ingredients doesn’t necessarily tell you how to cook something.

Chemistry is complicated. Without a clearly defined manufacturing process, getting the correct result can be difficult.

I made my product somewhere else before. Why do you need to test my formula?

Before we can manufacture from your formula, we have to test it.

Our stability and bacteriology testing assures us that the product will continue to perform and maintain its original properties, and have a robust preservative system for a long time after it is manufactured.

Once your product formulation successfully passes this testing, we are able to insure the against manufacturing defects when we produce it.

Can I bring my own ingredients?


DBO Labs maintains a large library of ingredients from a curated list of specialized manufacturers. Each ingredient comes with a Certificate of Analysis to verify that it meets defined specifications.

This verifiable supply chain allows us to manufacture your product with complete confidence, knowing the source and quality of each ingredient.

If your ingredients are something we normally inventory, then we always use our ingredients by default.

What Are Proprietary Ingredients?

If your formula requires ingredients we do not inventory (such as custom fragrances or specialized hero ingredients), then these are considered proprietary, and you will be required to supply them.

We will work with you as needed to ensure they come from a verifiable source, along with a Certificate of Analysis.

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