We offer a wide range of services

Many are included as part of our development process, or are available à la carte.

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From helping your ideas coalesce, to ensuring your packaging will work with the final ingredients you choose.

Services at a Glance


Bacteriology and Quality Assurance


We offer a variety of testing option for bacteriology:

  • Rapid Aerobic Count (RAC) – 24-hour test
  • Aerobic Count (AC) – 48-hour test
  • Rapid Yeast and Mold (RYM) – 48-hour test


This 40-day test simulates 2 years of aging for an unopened product. The product is placed in 40°C for 40 days and afterwards is tested for bacteria, yeast and mold growth. The end result will indicate the overall stability of the formula, and how well it holds up over time.

Ingredient Efficacy

Test the efficacy of an unknown ingredient; for example, if we are sourcing an alternative preservative, it would require a QA/QC test to if is robust in a product sample.


Let Us Help

When you’re not sure quite what you want, this hourly service can be just what you need to focus your idea.

Meeting time with our senior chemists to discuss your ideas is available hourly, giving you valuable insight into many aspects of product design and manufacturing, including:

  • project feasibility
  • define decisional motivation
    – science, performance, cost, ingredient list, etc.
  • industry trends impacting ingredient choices
  • marketplace factors and positioning
  • packaging requirements and compatibility
  • Health Canada compliance

Packaging Compatibility

It’s a Match!

Not all packaging responds the same way, so it is important for us to review it for packaging compatibility.

This helps reduce the chance of your product reacting to the packaging materials, determine correct viscosity for dispensing, etc.

Research + Development

Multiple Paths to Get You On Track

Custom Formulation

Whether you have your own original idea, or are looking to improve an existing product, let us help bring it to reality.

DBO White Label+

Traditional “white label” is simply putting your name on a mass produced product. 

Health Canada Product Registration

Let us take the guesswork out of getting your product registered promptly and correctly with Health Canada

How Can we Help?

Reach out to us and let us to find out more about our services and how we can help develop and grow your cosmetics line.

Cosmetics Formulation +
Contract Manufacturing

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